The remote control

of your farm

Tillo is a simple app, which provides real-time control of everything that matters to you – from your phone

It’s simple.

With you can record, share and retrieve any information you need of your farm business, directly from your phone with one click. provides real-time control and visibility of anything that matters to you and your team.

Do more of what you love.

With now you have more time to do what you love most, out there in the field.

With you save time and peace of mind comes with just one login. Do more of what you love

All in one

One phone screen, all the information and data you need, at your fingertips. Choose the type of information and data you want to see, and then retrieve it, in just one click.

Share what matters

Stay connected with your team in the field, and their work as they do it, for better collaboration and visibility. Exchange information in real-time so it can be used instantly.

Never miss a thing

Staying in control is made easy. Keep track of data, tasks, and your team. All this whenever and wherever you need, from the convenience of your phone.

Go paperless

You don’t need paper and files to keep record of your farm’s important data. You can retrieve information from your phone or download it onto your computer.

A smart way to use your mobile phone to better and safely.

With you can CREATE BOARDS, as many as you like. You can define a name to each board, and you can ADD MEMBERS to each board. Anyone in the board sees what happens in the board

Inside each board you can CREATE TICKETS, as many as you need. You can assign a ticket to one person, and define a due date/time for action. The users will receive notifications when tickets are due, and when there is action. Everyone is in control, accountability is guaranteed

Tillo offers you two tickets today, a MEASUREMENT TICKET and a CHECK LIST TICKET. A mesurement ticket provides an easy way to input data in the field or wherever is needed. It also offers one-click safe record keeping, with convenient historical data retrievability from your smartphone. A check list ticket provides real-time control and visibility of any activity happening in the farm. Examples are clock-in/clock-out, vehicle monitoring, activity instructions, routine work schedule, theft control, productivity checks, etc offers the possibility to assign different Roles and Permissions to each member, which guarantees full control and protection of valuable data inside the app

The user can export into excel all data acquired via on the phone. The recorded data will be transferred then into your computer program via a .csv file. All data is kept also in the systems for safe storage and easy retrievability

Do the right things, simply!

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Please note ‘beta version’ is currently available in South Africa and in Russia

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